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29 Off-Season 2050 @13:13 GMT

Season Milestones NOW Signing Announcement: 13.2 hours ago Winter Leagues Begin: 13.2 hours ago Signing Announcement: 10.8 hours Signing Announcement: 34.8 hours League Finances Due: 34.8 hours Join League Deadline: 2.4 days Update Contracts: 2.4 days Signing Announcement: 2.4 days

Use this page to apply a Gift Certificate to your account. A gift certificate will give you a Stadium Permit for the amount of time specified on the gift certificate. Please read that page before redeeming a Gift Certificate because there is a timing associated with it.

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To redeem a gift certificate, first create a free account. Then, you should play some games in the public fields. Once you are ready to join a league, then use your gift certificate on this page.

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