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21 August 2053 @17:37 GMT

Season Milestones NOW Public Offers Close: 17.6 hours ago Extensions Open: 17.6 hours ago Remove Expired Permi: 17.6 hours ago Leave League Deadlin: 5.3 days Schedule Postseason: 5.3 days Buyout Deadline: 5.3 days Extensions Deadline: 5.3 days New League Deadline: 5.3 days

How many runs can you score per game?

You do not have to sign players for this league, but if you want to, try not to sign players from other members of this league. It's all about fun here.

Full scale playoffs for this league!

Building a team for this league takes:
- Hitters that are BAD at fielding. All Hitting training!
- Pitchers are BAD as can be. ONLY one (1) pitcher is required

Have fun!!!

Name: No Fielding League (A) Revenue Share: 0%
Commissioner: MrSteak Revenue Tax: 10%
VP: None Designated Hitter? Yes, Designated Hitter
CFO: None Salary Cap: No Salary Cap
CTO: None Maximum Age: No Age Max
Num. Teams: 4 - 28 Min. Join: No Minimum
Divisions: No Divisions Wild Card? Yes, 3 teams
  1. Best of 7 Wildcard Series
  2. Best of 7 Wildcard Series
Bonuses: No Bonuses
Fine Amount: No Fines
Invite Only? Yes, Only Invited Teams Trade Deadline: None
Private Forum? No, Anyone May View and Post Roster Lock: No Roster Lock
Founding Date: 7 May 2042 @00:56 Roster Expand: Always 40-man

You can join a league if you have a Stadium Permit.

The No Fielding League
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Freshly Squeezed Orange Cassidy (10)
80 46 0.0 587

Piper's Bloop Singles (10)
64 62 16.0 -99

Syracuse Orange (10)
57 69 23.0 -210

What is Fielding??
51 75 29.0 -278

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