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5 April 2048 @08:07 GMT

Season Milestones NOW Stadium Editor Opens: 39.9 hours Leagues Unlock: 39.9 hours Generate Rookies: 5.2 days League Finances Unlo: 5.7 days Public Offers Begin: 5.7 days Extensions Open: 2.2 weeks Public Offers Close: 2.2 weeks Remove Expired Permi: 2.2 weeks

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2048 Batting

Timothy Buckley
2B - Staten Island Pizza Rats

Francisco White
CF - Howard Johnsons

Ricky Beltran
LF - Piper's Bloop Singles
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2048 Home Runs

Joe Booker
LF - Freshly Squeezed Orange Cassidy

Jason Hansen
CI - Hot Live Guys

Steve Harris
DH - Florida Gators
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2048 RBI

Danny Stewart
SS - Freshly Squeezed Orange Cassidy

Joe Booker
LF - Freshly Squeezed Orange Cassidy

Brian Henderson
3B - Freshly Squeezed Orange Cassidy
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2048 Stolen Bases

Michael Coan
CF - Mcafee Maniacs

Ramiro Hubbard
CF - Winterthur Deathwalkers

Everett Farrar
LF - Mcafee Maniacs
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2048 Walks

Brandon Longoria
IF - Charlie Sheen Winners Club

Eugene Patrick
RF - Freshly Squeezed Orange Cassidy

Clint Adcox
LF - Flint Stones
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2048 Pitching

Michael Mayberry
SP - Charlie Sheen Winners Club

Timothy Mance
SP - Prince's Fielders

John Marsh
SP - Don't Get Mad Get Glad
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2048 Strikeouts

Joshua Whitehead
SP - Chicken Dinners

Jacob Alloway
SP - Prince's Fielders

Robert Vasquez
SP - Don't Get Mad Get Glad
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2048 Wins

Derick Hughes
RP - Piper's Bloop Singles
10 - 4

Matt Bishop
SP - WCW Monday Jericho
9 - 5

Charles Stokes
SP - Staten Island Pizza Rats
9 - 7
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2048 Saves

Anthony Barclay
RP - Black Olives

Howard Velasco
RP - Cheetin' Cheetahs

Lawrence Hogue
RP - Calculating Infinity
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2048 WHIP

Joshua McDonald
SP - Chicken Dinners

Joseph Peel
SP - Chicken Dinners

Sam Bloom
SP - Charlie Sheen Winners Club
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To qualify as a batting or pitching leader, a player needs 100 PA or 30 IP.

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